Bijouterie Stievenart in Cuesmes (BE)

Showcases that match the interior of Bijouterie Stievenart

Bijouterie Stievenart, founded in 1961 and located in Belgium, has received an innovative interior design from WSB. The store exudes a refreshingly chic look with an eye for detail, and is completely ready for the future. The professional character of the team is incorporated into the design, where beautiful used cars from high-quality brands are sold in a separate luxury space. The inspiration for this design came from a visit by the Stievenart family to WSB. The well-thought-out routing and the smart distribution of sales seats and columns create a serene atmosphere that is perfect for in-depth conversations.

Beautiful display cases, supplied by in collaboration with WSB, seamlessly complement the overall interior. The Urban Chic collection from fits perfectly with the style of the interior of this jeweler.

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Jorrit Knol of Helder Optics

“The partnership has been top rate. They perfectly translated my ideas (industrial, with a homely feel). I'm very pleased with the end results!"