Eye Candy in Wijnegem (BE)

Design and Shop Fitting for an Optician in Belgium

This time, it had to be completely different. Our client's message was clear: a store that truly stands out among the many other shops (and there are quite a few in Shopping Wijnegem). Additionally, it must make the collection shine. Bold colors and materials ensure the store really pops. White, blue, and pink are the base colors around which everything is built. The challenge was to keep the overall design balanced, ensuring it remains a widely accessible store.

Lighting Plan for the Optician

The presentation is highlighted both from the shelves and the ceiling. This ensures the collection is displayed on a beautiful and commercial stage. Is the acetate of the glasses dark blue or black? In the previous store, this was barely distinguishable, but now you can see the difference very clearly. A well-thought-out lighting plan makes this possible. Regarding the layout, the sales and waiting areas are in the center, with sales along the walls. This allows customers to wander along the walls undisturbed and also sit comfortably. The reactions from customers have been fantastic, so we can confidently say the goal has been achieved!

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Jorrit Knol of Helder Optics

“The partnership has been top rate. They perfectly translated my ideas (industrial, with a homely feel). I'm very pleased with the end results!"