Winkelmeubilair voor optiekzaak Geldermalsen

Expansion of optician's shop for Van der Weij Optiek

Entrepreneur Jan van Leeuwen decided to expand his optician's shop in Geldermalsen and moved into the neighbour's building with the existing store. He turned to for the design and supervision of this process designed a new layout for the store and took care of the turnkey realization of the custom furniture and third-party works. There was also a hybrid collaboration with for multiple pieces of furniture. After the shop renovation of the optician's shop, more attention was paid to the profession: a large workshop within sight, a grinding department and a professional measuring line.

Forbettershops furnishings for the shop, studio and examination rooms

In addition to custom furniture, the refraction rooms and the glasses workshop are also largely equipped with Forbettershops store furniture.

Not only an XXL LED screen has been placed in the shop window, but also the York shop window furniture from Strong point: a real story is told in its own environment.

Various variants of the Vicenza are integrated into the left wall presentation of the store. The fine lighting in combination with a nice number of shelves make this furniture very attractive as a secure sunglasses presentation with a 'chic touch'.

The studio is also an important space in the store: Cabinets are integrated in these spaces for the glasses trays / peniches (Utrecht model). The workspace and cupboard storage have also been designed with modular furniture from, for example Aachen, Dresden, Granada and Metz have been incorporated into the store design.

Our client efficiently used the practical knowledge of furniture. A great assignment, with an even better result: a beautiful, new store with more customers and therefore more turnover.

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Jorrit Knol of Helder Optics

“The partnership has been top rate. They perfectly translated my ideas (industrial, with a homely feel). I'm very pleased with the end results!"