TRENDS by Piet Schilder in Volendam (NL)

Discover the TRENDS collection at Juwelier Piet Schilder's second store in Volendam: Stylish brands, accessible budget and trusted service

TRENDS by Piet Schilder is the second store of jeweler Piet Schilder in Volendam. Jeweler Piet Schilder has been a household name in the wider area for 50 years and this second branch will certainly contribute further to this. With a clear goal in mind, jeweler Piet Schilder is opening his second store: next to the existing store, there should be a new, accessible store where trendy brands can be sold at an attractive budget, with the trusted service and quality of jeweler Piet Schilder. Discover brands such as Michael Kors, Buddha to Buddha, Ti Sento and 24Kae in a newly designed store.

The use of natural stone, walnut wood, gold-colored details and aqua colors has created an accessible, chic look. The showcases, such as the Nice, Edinburgh and Ghent, have been carefully selected and adapted in the same materials by the Forbettershops design team. This makes them a coherent whole. In this way, an own identity has been created where customers can be served perfectly. All in all, a very successful expansion of Jeweler Piet Schilder!

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Jorrit Knol of Helder Optics

“The partnership has been top rate. They perfectly translated my ideas (industrial, with a homely feel). I'm very pleased with the end results!"