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Optical shop fitting in Werkendam for starting entrepreneurs

Harno comes from an entrepreneurial family of opticians and jewelers. He recently started his own optical store, just like his father, uncles and grandfather. At the end of last year, a beautiful visible location became available for rent in Werkendam, a corner building with parking. The condition of the building was examined together with Rick Blankenstijn. What investments would be needed to furnish the building as desired? Fortunately, the base was in good condition, but the building could use some renovation. Harno's wish: A beautiful store interior at an affordable price. The retail design was created by

Style of the new store design

The DNA of the store design is calm, stylish and a certain amount of luxury, but not over the top. This style is closely aligned with the brand ranges that the optician offers: from children's glasses to Lindberg. The renovation itself, excluding lighting and painting, was completed in 2 days. The first six months went very well for the starting entrepreneur Harno. Harno, thank you! And good luck with the new store.

Applied furniture from our Forbettershops collections

The store furniture comes from different collections: Uptown Vintage and Urban Chique. For example, the mirror is a piece of furniture from Forbettershops called Modena. In addition, various variants of our Vicenza wall presentation have been integrated into the design, with glass shelves and the basic variant.

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Personal advice

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Jorrit Knol of Helder Optics

“The partnership has been top rate. They perfectly translated my ideas (industrial, with a homely feel). I'm very pleased with the end results!"